Based on my personal experiences to build my LION EXHIBIT within 15 years, I prepare this slide presentation on HOW TO IMPROVE MY THEMATIC EXHIBIT. It was no guidance at the beginning when I develop my exhibit first time and frustrating with the result. Start to learn from other exhibits which get high marks at international exhibitions and READ THE REGULATIONS AND GUIDELINES make my Lion exhibit improved. Hope my experiences inspired other thematic exhibitors not to give up when it got “not expected” medal and sped up to get a higher medal.

To open the presentation in pdf file, just click the link below. To download the presentation, click DOWNLOAD button below.

Tono Dwi Putranto

Saya seorang filatelis sejak tahun 1980. Besar di Jogjakarta dan sekarang tinggal di Jakarta. Senang menyusun koleksi filateli (ekshibit) untuk mengikuti kompetisi filateli, dan terakreditasi sebagai juri kompetisi filateli tingkat dunia. Telah mengikuti lebih dari 40 pameran / kompetisi filateli di tingkat nasional, interkontinental maupun dunia.

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