Setting Thematic exhibit is more difficult than setting another class exhibits because all the material must be arranged sequentially and each item must be following the stories made. With minimal space (especially if using A4 size paper), then we should not limit ourselves to a wide margin, because there will be less material can be displayed on the page, means the story is unable to develop. See some examples of maximizing space with similar material for a better-developed story.

Tono Dwi Putranto

Saya seorang filatelis sejak tahun 1980. Besar di Jogjakarta dan sekarang tinggal di Jakarta. Senang menyusun koleksi filateli (ekshibit) untuk mengikuti kompetisi filateli, dan terakreditasi sebagai juri kompetisi filateli tingkat dunia. Telah mengikuti lebih dari 40 pameran / kompetisi filateli di tingkat nasional, interkontinental maupun dunia.

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